Gap Analysis & Assessment Methodology

Problems and solution approaches that our team is using to address customer challenges.

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Problem Statement

All core functions not identified, tactical not a strategic roadmap: functionality unaligned with Business

Solution Approach
  • Start small, often in a high-impact area
  • Establish clear business success factors
  • Perform Gap Analysis & Skills mapping
  • Calibrated program and prioritized projects
  • Map of Competencies & Skills required
Problem Statement

Use-Case: Data ingestion was ad-hoc, used different technologies without audit, traceability, reliability and scalability

Solution Approach

Design and deploy uniform components for all data ingestion pipelines using a framework of durability, audit & full traceability


Consistent, scalable, auditable & reliable ingestion in Datalakes

Problem Statement

Significant loss of productivity in data science teams due to:

  • Absent or incomplete cataloging of assets in the Datalakes
  • Incomplete, erroneous or no quality metrics of data assets
  • Insufficient metadata, lineage and low resolution search
Solution Approach
  • Design and deploy a unified framework for data quality, lineage and metadata along with glossaries & automation

Measurable productivity gains & higher quality insights

Problem Statement

How to measure and communicate two types of value:

  • Foundational, which are long term structural advantages
  • Tactical, near term revenue boost or cost reductions
Solution Approach
  • Undertake disciplined due-diligence to select use-cases
  • Initiate structural transformations of technology platforms
  • Commit to organizational evolution to being data-driven

Revenue increase, cost reductions and trusting customers

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