Datalakes: design, deliver & operate

Best practices for data capture, ingestion and lifecycle mgmt.


Capture, Ingest, & Manage
Customers want to rationalize their myriad ingestion pipelines into a set of consistent, quality-checked, audited and reliable transport of data into Datalakes.
Datalake Playbook:

One Day deep-dive workshop on Datalakes

Gap Analysis on AS-IS state of your Datalakes

  • Enumerate all critical functions needed in Datalakes
  • Identify existing of critical data into Datalakes
  • Evaluate existing design and operational workflows
  • Issues with Data Quality, Metadata, Lineage and Privacy
  • Provide comparative between AS-IS and Best Practices

Design and Operationalize Datalakes

  • Methodology for Onboarding data sources
  • Configuration of Capture, Ingestion & Mgmt. tools
  • Develop Operational Break-Fix tooling and workflows
  • Audit traceability, error notification and reporting
  • Configure Rack, Queue and YARN mgmt. best practices
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