Analytics & Business Insights

Best practices for delivering high-impact Insights


Capture, Ingest, & Manage
Analytic Datasets
High-Impact Visualizations
How to identify leading indicators of change in your Products, Services, Market Share, Segments and other business critical variables?

How to use BigData Analytics on Datalakes to enable humans or applications to act and react to analytics based insights?

Analytics Playbook:

One Day deep-dive workshop on Analytics & Applications use of analytic insights

Key elements of Analytic capabilities … how to’s

  • Prepare datasets for data explorations?
  • Explore historical data and generate Truth Sets?
  • Use Truth Sets to develop analytical models?
  • Use BigData tools for analytics on data-at-rest?
  • Use BigData tools for analytics on data-in-motion?
  • Integrate generated analytics with BI tools?
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