Solution Architects

Solution Architects

Our Solution Architects specialize in major functional areas and utilize Best Practices & Gap Analysis to fulfill customer’s needs
  • Templates: Scope / Requirements / Design(s)
  • Pre-Tested Configurations: Mix of tools & workflows
  • Set 1:   Data Lakes: Extraction from Sources & HDFS Ingestion
  • Set 2:   Lakes Governance: Lifecycle, Access & Capacity Mgmt.
  • Set 3:   Data Analytics:
    • Data Wrangling (Pig / Latin)
    • Pre-Computed Datasets
    • Spark, Storm, NoSQL data flows
    • HBase Key/Value Truth Sets
  • Set 4:   Data Engineering:
    • Data Security, Audit Trails
    • Operational Job queues
    • Data Archival & Lifecycle Mgmt.

Our core competency is Systems Integration for BigData solutions. Customers use our Services to either create foundational capabilities in their BigData journey or solve specific topical challenges.

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